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If you are the type of person who strongly believes that everything has a place and everything should definitely be in its place, then learning how to become a professional organizer could be just what you need!
A professional organizer’s duties are to assist clients in determining which belongings need to be kept and where the best places to keep them are. This sounds like a very simple thing, but if you look at the amount of clutter in the average home, it will suggest that it’s much more difficult than it appears to be.
Upon entering the home, a professional organizer will figure out what the root cause of the disorganization issue is. It may be a lack of space with too many belongings, and it also may be a lack of storage bins and other things to put belongings away in.
No matter what the reason for the disorganization, a professional organizer works with their client to help them to get things organized, put away neatly, and therefore having a home with far less clutter.

Making it Happen
It’s easier than you might think to become a professional organizer. Other than the typical business license, no additional licenses or legal certifications are required! Being organized, yourself, is definitely a requirement though. Most professional organizers are very organized people, themselves. Others might not be as organized as they could be in their personal lives, but they know what it takes to get organized and are great teachers.
If you are the one among your friends and family who organizes everyone’s homes or offices, it’s time to make money at it by learning how to become a professional organizer.

What You Will Need
Lucky for you, all of your experience and ideas are the majority of the tools you will need to become a professional organizer. Of course, for business purposes, you will need to make sure that everything of your own is completely organized. This goes for your business phone, computers, billing system, etc.
Business cards are a must as well. Having a digital camera or digital video recorder so that you’re able to show before and after shots of your projects is a wonderful tool to use with prospective clients.
You will need a clear understanding of your clients and be able to figure out what type of organization will work for them when you’re a professional organizer. Once you find something that’ll work for them, the end result is success for you both!