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Learning how to become a plumber is well worth the time and effort. Plumbers are responsible for the installation and maintenance of systems carrying water, gas, and waste, and they get paid very well for their expertise.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

One of the first things you will need to do when contemplating how to become a plumber is check your state’s requirements. All states require some sort of licensing and/or certification, so be sure you meet the requirements where you plan to become a plumber.

Proper training is important to become a plumber, and you can often find the courses you need at vocational and community colleges. Additionally, there is a ton of information online that can help you in your quest to become a plumber. The bottom line is that you can never know too much, so keep learning all you can. This will help you throughout your career as a plumber.

In addition to proper training, a plumber needs to have the proper tools and supplies. Research the various necessary tools, which will include plumbing pliers, pipe wrenches, and tubing benders, to name a few. The required tools are not difficult to find and can be purchased from a local hardware or home improvement store, or from an online supplier.

Be prepared for what it really means to be a plumber. You will fix a lot of leaky or plugged sinks, but you’ll also encounter your fair share of clogged toilets, pipe repair, and septic tank issues. These are never fun jobs, but that is why you are able to charge so much for your services. Many homeowners and businesses are willing to pay whatever it takes to avoid dealing with these issues themselves.

To get started as a plumber, it is a good idea to contact experienced plumbing firms in your area and inquire about an internship or apprenticeship. The more you learn before striking out on your own, the better prepared you will be to start your own plumbing business.

While you are taking classes on plumbing, it is also a good idea to take some business and marketing classes. This will prepare you for the business side of a plumbing business. You will also learn how to promote your business and attract customers – an obviously important task in any business.

Once you start your own plumbing business, you will need an office location, a truck to haul tools and items such as toilets and tubs, and considerably more tools and equipment. These items all mean investing money, which is another reason why starting off working for someone else often makes the most sense. Not only will you have the opportunity to learn, you’ll also be able to save up some money to start a plumbing business of your own.

If you stick with it and do what it takes to be successful, learning how to become a plumber will pay off for the rest of your life!