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Have you ever thought about how to become a painter? If you have a strong artistic ability and enjoy interacting with people, learning how to become a painter might just be the self employment move you’ve been looking for. Many people commission talented painters to paint portraits, landscapes, and even pictures of their houses, office buildings, cars, etc. If you’re good, learning how to become a painter can be a lucrative endeavor.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

Once you are established and recognized as a highly talented painter, you will be able to get work from large companies who will commission you to paint various paintings for office décor and special events. Until then, most of your work will likely be portraits. This is a good way for an artist just starting out to earn a reputation for their talent quickly.

When you learn how to become a painter, you will take commissioned jobs from a wide range of people. For example, family portraits, portraits of couples just married, new parents, and people celebrating special occasions, like an anniversary might all be potential clients.

To be a successful portrait painter, you have two options. One is to work only with live subjects, and the other is to work from photographs. Some painters choose to work with both options too. If you work with live subjects, you will need to have a studio or similar place for sittings. Because this method of portrait painting takes a lot of time, your potential customer base may be reduced.

On the other hand, if you only paint portraits from photographs, you can work from anywhere you have room for an easel and some paints, and you will appeal to a wider client base. In fact, you don’t even need to meet your clients in this case. You could set up a website and take commissioned jobs via email or online form!

When learning how to become a painter, your talent will be the greatest factor in whether or not you succeed. Before a client hires you, they will want to see examples of your work so they can be sure your style matches what they are looking for in a portrait. A good way to build up an initial portfolio of your work is to paint portraits of friends and family. They will love the resulting painting, and you will gain examples to show potential clients.

You will of course need various artist supplies, which will depend on your medium of choice, and if you plan to do sittings, a variety of props, chairs, and backgrounds is a good idea. Also, be sure to get a business license. Just because you call yourself an artist doesn’t mean you aren’t a business in the government’s eyes.

Marketing Your Painting Business

Once you have a substantial amount of work, whether it has been commissioned or you have created it on your own, approach local art galleries and ask if they would be willing to exhibit your paintings. Not everyone will say yes, but fortitude will pay off here, as just one gallery exhibiting your work will increase your credibility and let people know who you are.

The one thing that will sell your work more than anything else is your portfolio of past paintings. Once you have built up a portfolio and have a few satisfied clients, word will begin to spread. Who knows – you might even become famous. Then won’t you be happy you learned how to become a painter?