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Have you ever thought about how to become a mystery shopper? If you think that being a mystery shopper is for you, but are skeptical as to whether or not it really is as viable as some people make it seem, the thing to realize is that your success, or lack there of, depends completely on you. Nobody can expect to be able to work from home, make tons of money, and not have any bumps in the road along the way.

Getting Started

Now that you’ve accepted the fact that you are responsible for your own success, it’s time to think about what it will take to become a mystery shopper. One very common mistake that people make is to apply to many, many companies. Unless the companies happen to be desperate, they won’t likely want to deal with a secret shopper who is relatively inexperienced. Frankly, companies who are willing to do with a very inexperienced secret shopper are generally not the best choices, anyway. Finding a scheduler AKA a middleman is your best option.

Locating these types of people is as simple as performing a Google search, but be sure to search around for the best deals. Don’t ever take the first deal that comes along. And if you’re pretty new, do not expect to get the top notch assignments and terms right away.

When you are considering signing on with a company, make sure that you check their credentials and also put their name plus the keyword “feedback” into your favorite search engine. There is currently a massive amount of mystery shopping scams being spread around, so it will most definitely be beneficial for you to check into every potential employer. The key to true success is in remembering that a dedicated freelancer will always make more money than someone who has been locked into a program.

It is natural for anyone who is thinking of learning how to become a mystery shopper to want know what kind of income they’ll receive. The answer to that question varies quite a bit, however it is common for the range to be from $5 to $100 per shop. In addition to that, a mystery shopper who is savvy will actually plan their personal shopping to coincide with assignments as frequently as they can.

What Will Be Required of You?

In addition to simply shopping, you will also need to be a detail-oriented, reliable, and articulate person in order to truly succeed as a mystery shopper.

As with any other home-based business, you will need to look into licensing, insurance, and tax issues prior to starting up. The rules for these types of things can vary greatly from state to state, so putting in time doing research will really pay off in the long-run.

Make sure that when you’re taking all of your options into consideration, you factor the cost of transportation to and from various locations. Also factor in any costs that you can foresee in the way of supplies that you expect to use.

If you’re looking for a good source of income accompanied by a fun time, learning how to become a mystery shopper very well might be the profession you’ve been waiting for!