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It’s easy to see why the amount of people who want to learn how to become a graphic artist has increased, with all of the nifty logos, graphics, ads, etc. out there today. By taking their natural talents and creative skills and combining them with the latest technology and software, graphic artists are able to create some of the most well known images in the world.

Where to start
When learning how to become a graphic artist, you’ll find that many jobs are on a freelance basis. Of course, many companies have on-site jobs as well, but the number of people working from their homes on a freelance basis is on the rise. Whether you end up working from a home office or in an office building, the fact remains that you need to build up your skill-set before you’ll be able to compete in the market.
Most colleges offer some sort of graphic design classes. Community colleges are especially known for offering graphic arts classes. In these classes, you will be taught not only how to hone your natural skills, but also how to use the latest graphic design software for professionals. Your professor can help you by showing you how you can improve your work, and offer you the educated constructive criticism that you might not get elsewhere.
You will also need to have some strong business and marketing skills in order to become a successful graphic artist. With these types of skills, you can build an impressive portfolio of your best work and have the know-how to properly sell your services. This gives you the ability to branch out and start your very own graphic design business.

Getting your name out there
One great way to get your name out there when you’re first starting out as a graphic artist is to offer your services to nonprofit organizations. With this type of arrangement, both you and the organization will benefit. You get to add to your portfolio, and they get the benefit of your free graphic work – which helps cut down on their costs. Building a positive relationship with a nonprofit company can benefit you in another way as well: They will be much more likely to recommend you to other people who need the type of work you do. They will also keep you in mind when future projects arise.
Having business cards with your very own logo design on them along with your contact info is another great way to get your name out there. Hand your cards to everyone you come across. You never know when a friend, family member, or neighbor knows someone who might need some work done. Make sure you go back to your professors and give them some of your business cards too. They might be likely to help you out.
Networking with as many people as possible is another good move to make when learning how to become a graphic artist. Meet people and learn some of their tricks and tips. Whether you meet people online or in person, don’t underestimate the power that knowing the right people can have. There’s an endless supply of businesses and companies who need graphic artists every day. Once you’ve learned how to hone your skills and have the proper education, you’re all set to become a graphic artist with a thriving business or your own!