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How to Start a Karaoke Business

Posted on 23 February 2012

If you have a friendly, outgoing personality, a decent singing voice, and don’t mind staying up late, learning how to start a karaoke business might be a good way to satisfy your entrepreneurial spirit.  You can earn a good living in the karaoke business, and it can be a lot of fun too. There might […]

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How to Start a Cake Decorating Business

Posted on 31 January 2012

If you’re the one in your family or among your kids’ friends’ parents who is always asked to make cakes, why not learn how to start a cake decorating business? If you’re good, there is a lot of opportunity in this low overhead, fun small business idea. Professional cake decorators make cakes for birthdays, weddings, […]

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How to Start a Judgment Recovery Business

Posted on 12 January 2012

If you have seen any of the daytime court TV shows, you already have some idea of what a judgment recovery business is all about.  Very often, when someone takes a person to court, one of the parties in the case is awarded financial damages.  But just because the court has ordered one party to […]

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How to Start an Auto Glass Repair Business

Posted on 05 January 2012

Learn how to start an auto glass repair business if you are the kind of person who likes being out and about, meeting new people, and being rewarded in balance with your own efforts.  This is and always will be an in demand business, as windshields are continually getting cracks and chips that must be […]

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How to Start a Vending Machine Business

Posted on 28 December 2011

For a business that lets you set your own hours and gives you freedom to work at your own pace, learning how to start a vending machine business is the ticket.  Convenience is the name of the game in today’s society, and vending machines provide a quick solution for thirst, hunger, and a number of […]

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How to Start a Dog Grooming Business

Posted on 26 December 2011

For someone who loves dogs and has the ability to make them look their best, learning how to start a dog grooming business is a great fit. Dog owners love their dogs, and many are more than willing to pay top dollar to keep them preened and pampered. The startup costs for starting a dog […]

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How to Start a Courier Business

Posted on 23 December 2011

When you learn how to start a courier business, you are filling a very real need in the business community.  Although the Internet and email have replaced a lot of the need for quick courier services, there are still many documents and items that need to get from one office to another the same day, […]

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How to Start a Battery Reconditioning Service

Posted on 16 December 2011

If you are looking for a home based business opportunity with the potential for growth, consider learning how to start a battery reconditioning service.  This “green” business is becoming more popular all the time, as the effect of dumping batteries in landfills becomes more widely known. When you learn how to start a battery reconditioning […]

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How to Start a Party Bus Business

Posted on 22 November 2011

Anyone who has experienced a party bus might wonder how to start a party bus business of their own.  It can be both fun and profitable to go into the party bus business for yourself.  Of course there is work involved too, and you will need to learn to be diplomatic and be able to […]

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How to Start a Bicycle Repair Business

Posted on 19 November 2011

Many people who learn how to start a bicycle repair business are the ones who were always fixing neighborhood kids’ bikes as a child.  Today though, bicycle repair can be big business, and a great self employment opportunity to any entrepreneur with the skills, drive, and ambition to make it happen. The timing is right […]

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